Caution: These foods become toxic when reheated

Researchers in the field of nutrition made a serious discovery at the beginning of the 21st century, and that is that there are some types of nutritious foods that, if cooled and reheated, become toxic substances and can sometimes cause serious and deadly diseases such as cancer. Heat again. Here is a list of these foods.

  1. Chicken:
    Did you know that if cold chicken is heated, the proteins in the chicken meat tissues are transformed and its chemical composition changes completely, causing indigestion that can sometimes lead to poisoning, so we advise you if you are looking for a hot pre-cooked food? chicken to heat it to a very quiet heat temperature for a long time.
  2. Eggs:
    Eggs are one of the best foods suitable for breakfast and dinner, since they contain a group of proteins that are very important for the human body. However, when you heat eggs in all their states, whether boiled or fried, it means that you are getting a meal of dangerous chemical compounds that can cause food poisoning for you and your family, so you need to get rid of them. From leftover eggs or leave them until they are at room temperature and not warm at all.
  1. Potatoes:
    Who among us does not like to eat French fries, everyone loves them, especially children, since they are a snack rich in starch that provide energy and vitality to the body, but it is a meal suitable for a single day, so you cannot prepare a quantity and heat it on consecutive days, since you endanger your life by doing so, and all fried foods form chemical compounds that are very harmful to human health when heated.
  2. Spinach:
    Spinach is one of the diets that all mothers prefer to prepare for their children because it is rich in iron, which works to provide the body with activity and vitality. It is also rich in nitrates, and this substance, when heated, turns into nitrites, and this substance causes many diseases, but the most dangerous of them is cancer, so doctors warn against eating spinach that has been heated, preferably when eaten fresh. only.
  3. Beets:
    Beetroot is a very useful vegetable rich in iron, and it is always preferable to eat it in a salad or cooked, but if you eat it cooked, you should not reheat it, to avoid the damage it can cause to your body and harm your health.
  4. Mushrooms
    It is a vegetable rich in protein, vitamins and mineral salts, and is an ideal substitute for meat in the preparation of many rich and beneficial meals for the human body. However, doctors have warned against heating it after cooling it again, like all proteins.
  5. Celery:
    One of the delicious and useful vegetables, which is often used in the most famous food recipes, especially soup, and contains nitrate salts, which when heated turn into nitrite salts, which is carcinogenic, as we have already mentioned. . Therefore, doctors warn against the process of heating celery.
Updated: January 6, 2023 — 3:42 am

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