A wonderful diet that reduces your weight by 5 kilos per week

With the end of winter, you are surprised by the fact that you gain weight when you wear summer clothes. It exposes all the flaws of the body. Well, what do you think about getting rid of your extra weight at the beginning of this year? You can also take advantage of your diet to get rid of toxins in the body. Experts confirm that a week of healthy food, away from fast foods and canned foods, rids your body of toxins.

The doctors also confirm that this new diet was designed with a grant from the US Department of Agriculture, Food and Drugs, free from harmful side effects as you rely on fruits and plants and drink large amounts of water and stay away from oils natural.

And you will feel after seven days that you weigh at least 5 kg less, as long as you continue to drink 10 glasses of water a day. This is the program in order of days:

First day :

Eat all kinds of fruits except bananas. You can eat as many types as you like, but it is recommended to eat a seasonal amount of red watermelon. Thus, the percentage of weight loss on the first day will be greater.

The second day :

It depends on the vegetables, cooked or raw, and there is no specific amount, but it is preferable to avoid oils and margarines when cooking vegetables. You can also eat a large boiled potato for breakfast.

the third day :

Today, you can combine vegetables and fruits as you like and in any quantity without limitation, but it is forbidden to eat potatoes or bananas.

the fourth day :

Food is limited to bananas and milk only, and you can eat around 8 bananas max with 3 cups of fresh milk, preferably low-fat. You can also eat a serving of boiled vegetable soup without spices.

The fifth day :

If you are a fan of rice, this is a holiday for you, as you can eat a cup of brown rice with 6 grains of tomato, but you must drink 12 cups of water to cleanse the body of uric acid.

the sixth day:

Eat any number of vegetables, with a cup of brown rice.

the seventh day:

Your meal today consists of a cup of brown rice with fruit juices and all the vegetables you like.

Note: You can repeat this diet again and for several times, but it is preferable to leave a 3-day break after finishing the diet and start again, and during that time it is preferable not to return to abundant carbohydrates and sugars, so as not to put on the weight lost, and it is preferable that you follow your weight on the scale daily to know how much it has risen, and if you gained more than a kilo, know that you were wrong and look for its nutritional value. error.
During this diet, you can drink coffee without milk or sugar.

In case of cooking, you can add a teaspoon of oil.
This diet does not include any fruit juice before the seventh day.

Diet philosophy

The body prepares the first day to follow the diet, since the only source of food on this day are fresh fruits that provide all the energy the body needs.

On the second day, the body starts with a multi-carbohydrate breakfast in the morning of boiled potatoes to provide the necessary energy for the start of the day. As for vegetables, they are low in calories, but they provide fiber and important nutrients for the body.

By excluding potatoes on the third day, the body gets the required carbohydrates from fruits. Your body is now ready to start burning excess weight, and as for the desire to eat, it will begin to decline on the fourth day.

You may be able to eat all the bananas allowed on the fourth day, as it is available in case you get hungry, since the bananas provide the amount of potassium and sodium you lost in the previous days. You’ll notice that you don’t feel like eating sweets and it’s supposed to be an easy day.

On the fifth day, brown rice provides you with the necessary carbohydrates, tomatoes provide important fiber for digestion and more water to cleanse the body. You should notice that the urine is colorless. You don’t have to eat a full cup of rice, but you can eat less than a cup if you don’t feel like it, but you must eat 6 tomato grains.

The sixth day gives you the necessary vitamins from vegetables and carbohydrates from rice. Since your body loses some of the extra weight, you should notice on this day that there is a change in the shape of your body compared to the previous days.

And now you have reached the day of the celebration (the seventh day), but you must refrain from fat and coffee with milk or the like.

Star Fitness Secrets

The diet alone is not the secret of the agility of the stars after childbirth, since there are those who practice sports and those who practice yoga, here are their secrets:

The star, “Gweny Paltrow”, regained her grace again after giving birth in just 3 months, and as she recalls, this was with the help of yoga and microbetics.
As for “Julia Roberts”, she appeared with a wonderful body at the Oscars, just 4 months after giving birth to twins, and also, as she recalls, the reason is the hard diet and healthy eating that so much hates.
Donna Air surprised everyone by getting back to her original weight 3 weeks after giving birth to twins, and the secret is cutting out junk food and doing aerobics and swimming.

Diet for the beauty of your hair

Your hair often falls out during the diet, and at that time you can follow this diet, for the beauty of your hair, to restore its shine and lose one kilogram per week, according to Dr. “Mohamed Abdel Moneim Abdel Aal,” Professor of dermatology at Al-Azhar University.
Breakfast: an orange or a tangerine or a few raisins, a cup of milk for the night – a boiled egg – a small piece of local bread – a cup of coffee or tea.

Lunch: a plate of salad with an emphasis on green color such as lettuce, cucumber, parsley, watercress and green pepper, with the addition of vinegar, lemon and olive oil – a slice of meat, liver or fish – a piece of cheese – an orange or any other fruit.

Dinner: a cup of tomato juice – a small slice of cold meat or fish – a plate of vegetables – an orange or any other fruit – a cup of tea (preferably green).

You can eat lettuce, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, watercress, between meals. In addition to a glass of milk before going to sleep and another when waking up with a daily brewer’s yeast tablet, with the need to drink a lot of water, since it is vital and beneficial for the freshness of the hair and the complexion.

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