5 embarrassing sexual questions and their answers

Is there a vaginal odor? Is there a solution for flatulence in coexistence? Some questions can seem very embarrassing even for a doctor or a best friend. These are some of the most embarrassing questions women are afraid to ask and answer.

What determines vaginal odor?

Health experts say that the vagina works in a self-cleaning way; It secretes a lactic acid that keeps it healthy and clean. Sometimes during the menstrual cycle, certain odors can be produced.
If the smell is strong or very fetid, the reason may be that you have an infection, and it is best to consult a specialist there.

Is there an effective way to prevent bloating during sexual encounters?

“Bloat” occurs when air becomes trapped in the vagina due to constant pushing. Some sexual positions, such as “doggy style,” can increase swelling, as well as constant movement and forceful thrusting, so if the sound of air coming out of the vagina bothers you, try different positions.

Is the transition between oral and vaginal or anal sex safe from a health point of view, or is it just a graphic trick in porn movies?

In all cases, the genitals must be clean before any sexual encounter, and doctors recommend the use of male condoms as a form of protection against any type of infection. It is preferable to shower with soap and water and wash the mouth before sexual intercourse to avoid the transmission of bacteria from the mouth to the vagina or vice versa, or from the anus to the vagina or vice versa.

Should I be afraid if I feel my husband tends to view pornography?

Porn movies are usually about sexual fantasies. It is a private world that every man escapes when he feels visual sexual desire. Although some men may prefer women with big breasts or buttocks in porn movies, they are not necessarily interested in this type of sex, but their curiosity and desire to discover the hidden worlds of sex is what drives them to watch these clips. Sometimes a man uses sex clips to arouse him sexually, learning techniques and the arts of pleasure without focusing on the actress’s shape or appearance because he knows perfectly well that she offers sexual comfort.

Is it normal to imagine someone other than the partner during sexual intercourse?

According to a survey by SassyVibes.com.au, 50 per cent of women and 75 per cent of men fantasize about another person during a sexual encounter with their partner. Despite the strangeness of the matter, many of these people resorted to fantasizing as a way to increase sexual arousal, and this does not mean that they do not love their current partners.

Fantasy can become a problem when it interferes with her ability to relate to her real life lover. You shouldn’t need to imagine another person to reach orgasm. Try to focus on her partner during sexual intercourse by looking into his eyes and touching his face, shoulders, or back. Physical contact will help you enjoy more.

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