Mobile phones.. reduce male fertility

Men who use their mobile phones a lot to make phone calls suffer a marked decrease in the number of sperm (sperm), in the force of their activity and movement, and in their buoyant abilities, according to the latest US study, which indicated the dangers of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones on male fertility. The study, which was carried out in 361 infertile people in the United States, and whose results were presented the day before yesterday at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in New Orleans.

The quantity and quality of the semen decreases with the increase in the hours of use of the mobile phone. And the research team, led by Ashok Agarwal, a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, monitored the harsh effects of mobile phone waves on callers for long periods, up to four hours a day, as their sperm production decreased. by 40 percent compared to men who never use the phone. A decrease in sperm count was also observed in men who used mobile phones for shorter periods. The study pointed to the possibility that the interference causes negative effects of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones on sperm production. Previous studies carried out in laboratories had indicated that the direct and severe impact of such waves leads to damage to sperm.

The results of the new study are similar to a study conducted by researchers at the Hungarian University of Szeged, which hypothesized that sperm count decreased by 30 percent in people who placed their mobile phones in their trouser pockets near of the testicles. The new results generated a division among the scientists, some of whom indicated that they monitor the relationship between the use of mobile phones and the number or concentration of sperm, without specifying the reasons for this, mainly because the waves do not directly affect the site of sperm production Likewise, the use of mobile phones may be associated with other factors such as stress and obesity, which are responsible for the phenomenon of low sperm concentration. Alan Percy, a researcher at the University of Sheffield in Britain, said the results are really strong, but he also assumes that mobile phone use may lead to another outcome which in turn leads to an effect on the testicles and thus therefore, to a decrease in the number of spermatozoa.

Aragal’s team studied four characteristics of spermatozoa: their number, motility, vitality and shape, and found variations in them in all the groups studied. The researcher said in his report that there is legitimate concern about the potential impact of mobile phones on male fertility.

Updated: January 3, 2023 — 4:43 pm

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