Sexual process – what happens inside the body?

The first stage of a man’s sexual process is an erection, which causes the penis to become hard enough to allow penetration.

Under the influence of sexual stimulation, the muscle fibers of the penis contract and then relax, causing the effusion of blood in the corpora cavernosa.
The size of the penis increases three times, the skin of the scrotum expands, and the testicles rise to the top.

In a female, the stimulation causes blood to flow to the vaginal wall, causing the vaginal canal to stretch and produce lubricated secretions to facilitate entry.
The erection continues with continued stimulation of the penis and relaxation of its muscles.

During sexual intercourse, the partner’s breathing is shortened, the rhythm of the heartbeat increases, since the activity of the heart changes and rises to its maximum during pleasure, then it decreases, more rapidly in women, muscle contractions occur specific voluntary and the skin reddens due to the widening of the blood vessels.

Little by little, the pleasure signals invade the brain.

Before ejaculation, a few drops of fluid containing sperm (pre-ejaculatory discharge) may be secreted.

the supreme pleasure

When ejaculating, pleasure begins in the man and indicates the beginning of a decrease in the size of the penis.

This period is followed by an intractable phase in which a new erection is impossible.

The sum of these phenomena seems to be closely related to dopamine, a substance secreted by certain areas of the brain. Under the influence of desire, dopamine, secreted by the brain in varying amounts, sends neurological information, which is transmitted through the spinal cord to the penis.

In a woman, the pleasure explodes with the stimulation of the clitoris or with the movements of the penis in and out of the vagina.

In the run up to orgasm, the clitoris swells slightly and the outer third of the vagina narrows, compressing the penis.

Pleasure, for both men and women, is accompanied by regular contractions of the pelvic muscles, but its seat is in the brain.

The overwhelming pleasure that we do not control explodes with the nervous impulse that crosses the spinal cord to reach certain centers of the brain.

A woman does not have an intractable period, as is the case with a man, since she is able to enjoy pleasure several times in a row.

The true starting point of the sexual process is desire.

With the camera that emits positrons, we were able to identify stages in which various regions of the brain are involved. Some deal with the processing of information transmitted by the sense organs, and others with the impulse of sensations and the hormonal and visceral response.

It is the successive stimulation of these centers that creates desire and leads to sexual stimulation as well as erection.

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