2023 SSC Exam Center List

Dhaka Board of Education has released SSC 2023 Exam Center List (SSC 2023 Exam Center List pdf). Dhaka Board SSC 2023 Exam Center List. Two new hubs have been added. Officials previously said that the 2023 SSC exam will start in April. In preparation for this, on January 18, the Dhaka Division SSC Center List has released the Examination Center Candidate List (SSC Center List 2023).

SSC 2023 Exam Center List

The detailed list of Dhaka Board of Education SSC Exam Centers 2023 has been released. This list is posted on the Dhaka Board of Education website. Previously, the board of education released the list of two newly included centers in a separate notice.

The two newly incorporated centers are Khan Saheb Sheikh Mosharraf Hossain School and College, Tungipara, Gopalganj and Shibchar Nand Kumar Model Institution, Shibchar, Madaripur.

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Center for SSC 2022 Exam

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka, has published the list of Central and Central Educational Institutions for the SSC-2021 Exam. This list is only applicable for SSC Exam which will be held in 2021. SSC Exam Center List 2022 Download PDF has been published by Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Publication of the list of SSC examination centers and central district educational institutions.

The Dhaka Higher and Secondary Education Board has informed how the marks of the SSC and the equivalent exam will be divided. How many points will be awarded in any subject on the exam, how many points will be awarded in the Essay and Impersonal section, and how the points will be distributed - everything has been revealed.

Due to Corona, the exam will not take place in all subjects, but only in three group-based electives. The three-hour exam will take one and a half hours.

Regarding the qualifications division, the Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education said that candidates from the science department will take part in the exam of 32 qualifications in each subject. Out of this composition will have 20 points and summary will have 12 points.

There are 8 questions in the Essay section of the Science section, but students must answer any 2 questions. Each question will have 10 points for a total of 20 points. 12 of the 25 questions must be answered in the impersonal section.

Here each one is worth 1 point and the total points are 12. Students will have to participate in the exam for a total of 32 points.

Total grades earned will be determined by converting 20 student grades to 50 in science and 12 grades to 25 non-staff grades. The remaining 25 points will be practical.

Students will take a 45-point exam in subjects from the humanities and business education department. Of this essay of 30 points and the impersonal exam will be carried out in 15 points.

There are 11 questions in the Essay section of which you have to answer 3 questions. The value of each one is 10. An individual has 30 questions but has to answer 15. 1 point for each question Total 15

The total points earned will be determined by converting 30 examinee points into 70 points and 15 non-individual points into 30 points. The duration of the exam for each subject is one and a half hours. Rehearsal 1 hour 15 minutes and without personality 15 minutes.

Please note that every year on February 1st, the SSC, Dakhil and Technical exams are held. This time, due to the Corona, SSC and equivalent exams, they will be held from November 14. There will be exams on the short syllabus and only three humanities subjects. The examination will be carried out with instructions regarding the control and management of the examination center.

SSC Exam 2023

The SSC-HSC 2023 all-board exam will be administered in all subjects, with all standards, and on time. However, these examinations will take place in the revised short syllabus. These facts have been confirmed in a circular issued recently by the Dhaka Board.

2023 SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent scheduled exam time. Among them, the SSC exam will be held in the last week of April after the holy Eid-ul-Fitr, and the HSC will be held in the last week of June.

According to the decision, next year there will be SSC and HSC exams in all subjects. The exam will be normal time or three hours per subject. Creative Impersonal Questions (MCQs) will remain as before. The exam for the subject of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at the SSC level will be worth 50 points. Only at this time three hours will not be given. It should be noted that for the past decade, SSC has been held in February and HSC in April.

In the past two years, this schedule has been interrupted due to the corona pandemic situation. In addition, the curriculum also had to be cut. But next year only time is committed.

SSC exam routine

The holy Eid-ul-Fitr of 2023 will be held on April 22, 2023, every Saturday. Therefore, educational institutions will remain closed until the 29th along with the Eid holiday and weekend. On the other hand, on May 1 and 4 the government will be closed. So the SSC 2023 exam can start from the last day of April i.e. April 30 every Sunday or May 7 every Sunday.

At SSC level, full scores for 50 ICT exams and 100 scores for each other subject will be done in 3 hours. 2023 SSC and equivalent exam will be held in all subjects.

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