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Browse the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (BTEB) website for the results of the Board of Technical Education. Here, all the board exam results can be checked online very easily.

Where and how to get the result of the technical education board?

Results of all courses including SSC-Dakhil Vocational, HSC Equivalent Vocational-BM, 4-year Diploma conducted under the Technical Board are available on the board website.

Recently published results can be viewed by browsing the board’s website online. Again, previously posted saved results are also seen.

In the following paragraph, learn a few things about the technical board and the rules for checking the technical result of the SSC vocational exam recently released on the board’s website.

HSC Technical Results Release February 8, 2023, Results Display Rules

Special Announcement: 2022 HSC(BM), HSC(Voc) and Diploma in Commerce Exam Result Feb 8, 2023 AD. The date will be announced at 11:30 am.

In a notice published by the Board of Technical Education on February 7, the information about the publication of the results of the HSC Technician Equivalent Exam was confirmed.

Institutional and individual candidate results can be viewed online from the technical board website. In addition, the published result will be known through mobile SMS.

The technical dashboard results can be viewed in three ways. Check the posted result at home by following the methods below.

  1. Click on the Current Result (HSC Stage) link on the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education website
    The results of the entire educational institution can be downloaded.
  2. By browsing the Board of Education website, you can download the results sheet through the list and record number of the examinee.

3: After the examination result is published, the result can be collected via SMS in the following ways. Send a mobile SMS in the following format to 16222.

First write the name of the HSC exam and leave a space.

Then enter the three letters of the name of the board, that is, TEC.

Then type the list number of the candidate with a space such as -123456.

Finally write the year of the exam. The exam year will be 2022.

The message must be written in the following format:

HSC TEC 123456 2022 Send 16222 from any mobile. The response message will display the grade sheet with the GPA points from the candidate’s result.

Get details about this in the HSC Equivalent Exam Result Release Notice posted in the Technical Council.

Foreword by the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (BTEB).

The Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (Bakashibo) has overall responsibility for disseminating, quality controlling and developing vocational and technical education in Bangladesh.

A board named ‘East Pakistan Technical Education Examination Board’ was formed in 1954 with the aim of controlling, examining and awarding certificates to the then East Pakistan Technical Education Institutions during the pre-independence period.

After that, the institution named ‘East Pakistan Board of Technical Education’ was established in 1967 with the Parliamentary Technical Act No. 1.

In the post-independence era, the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (BTEB), in Bengali, became known as the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (BTEB).

Location of Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Agargaon-1207, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Website Address of the Board:

কারিগরি শিক্ষা বোর্ডের ফলাফল সম্পর্কে কিছু তথ্য জানুন।

The Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (BTEB) prepares the curriculum, conducts examinations and publishes the results of the educational institutions.

As soon as the result of the Diploma Exam, HSC Stage, SSC Stage and Short Courses is published, it can be viewed on the board website.

From anywhere in the country and abroad, through a computer or cell phone connected to the Internet, the results of the Technical Board of Education can be seen very easily.

BTEB results website

As mentioned above, to check the result of the Technical Education Board, you need to go to the board website Each technical board exam result is published on the website.

In addition, the equivalent SSC and HSC technical board results can be found at

So browse the mentioned website to directly check the result of any newly released course. Check the published SSC Vocational Result by following the instructions below.

কারিগরি শিক্ষা বোর্ড কর্তৃক প্রকাশিত ফলাফল দেখার নির্দেশনা

The result of the technical meeting has been published, how do I know? Open a browser from a mobile device or computer connected to the Internet to find out about the matter.

Then enter the address of the board’s website in the address bar of the browser.

Now click on the Go or Enter button on the keyboard.

In a while you will arrive at the home page of the board website.

Now take a good look at the page like the image below.

Result BTEB Re-scrutiny Result 2022: Re-scrutiny of answer sheet and deferred result 2022

Any student may object to results published by the Board of Technical Education. Therefore, the authorities of the board accepted the request for a new audit of the result of the matter in question.

If there is a positive result after rechecking the answer sheet, it is declared as a revised result.

To re-review a student’s answer sheet, look for the option called Re-Review Answer Sheet/Delayed Result on the whiteboard home page.

Here are the links to all the short diploma courses published by the board.

Now click on the link where you want to recheck the result of the course or exam.

When the links page opens, some recent course review app links will be available.

Now, clicking on the desired link, when the next page opens, you need to log in with the required information.

If the login is successful, the student in question must apply for the specific subject as per the instructions on the page.

If there is any difficulty in viewing the Board of Technical Education Result (BTEB Result), you can let us know by commenting.

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