Useful and simple medical information

Get rid of burn marks. When you accidentally burn your finger on the gas stove, Clean the skin and lightly press on a spot burning with the fingers of the other hand. The ice will ease your pain faster. But the natural way will return burnt skin at normal temperature, The skin becomes less discolored.

Treat toothache without opening your mouth

Why don’t you try rubbing an ice cube in the palm of your hand?

In the V-shaped membranous region between your thumb and forefinger.

Why because there are nerve pathways?

that stimulate the brain and block pain signals

emanating from the face and hands

So you don’t get dizzy

Put your hand on something stable because the hand contains

On the nerves of the brain they give you a balanced index.

After the signal sent by the cochlea,

Part responsible for balance in the ear.

The part responsible for the balance floats in a liquid.

of the same blood density. while the alcohol is diluted

The blood becomes less dense and rises

cochlea causing dizziness.

Dr. Scott Shaffer, Head of the Center

Ear, nose and throat

Relieves tingling pain on your right side.

Do you feel painful tingling when you run?

This is because you are exhaling air as you exhale.

Your right foot touches the ground.

This puts pressure on the liver.

located on the right side of the body

And causes a hardening of the diaphragm that sends

Side puncture indication. just learn

Exhale when your left foot touches the ground.

stop nose bleeding

Shut your nose and head back,

Of course, if you want to drown your blood.

The correct way is to put cotton on

the upper gums that are just below the nose and press


Why ?

Most of the bleeding comes from the front of the septum,

the cartilage wall that divides the nose,

Pressing it stops the bleeding. .

I make your heart stop beating fast in fear

Do you want to calm your heart?

Blow into your thumb.

Why ? the vagus nerve can be controlled,

that controls the heart rate,

through the breath. It will restore the heart rhythm.

your heart returns to normal.

keep your sight

Poor eyesight is caused by genetics, but use

The wrong eye also causes vision problems

looking at computer screens

To mitigate this issue you can do this

Simple exercise. After every hour, take a breath

Deep, close your eyes, then exhale and relax

All your muscles, repeat this exercise and you will feel

That the pressure in your eyes has eased

For itching or tickling in the throat…

If your throat itches or tickles, rub your ear!

Why ?

There are stimulated nerves in the ear, and scratching the ear

May cause a reaction in the larynx.

Muscle spasm, this spasm relieves the annoying itching

or tickle.

don’t feel pain

Are you afraid of the syringe? And who is not afraid of him.

But now you can get rid of fear.

And pain next to coughing while taking

The syringe

Where German researchers discovered that coughing

During the injection, the pain decreases because the cough causes

A sudden and temporary increase in chest pressure

The spinal canal prevents the installation of procedures

Pain in the spinal cord.

relieve nasal congestion

Do you suffer from chronic nasal congestion?

Did the medicine not work for you?

This is a cheaper, faster and easier way to lose weight

Starting with sinus pressure, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Alternatively, then press between your eyebrows with one finger.

This causes the fumer bone to vibrate through the passages.

nose to mouth, and these tremors cause congestion to move,

After 20 seconds you will feel the congestion begin to break down.

Fight heartburn without water… Does heartburn bother you when you sleep? The solution is now easier

Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side

Reduces the feeling of heartburn. where the esophagus joins

The stomach is a compass in the corner, so when you sleep on it

The right stomach becomes higher than the esophagus, allowing

For food and acids to leak into the esophagus.

and throat Whereas when you sleep on the left side

The stomach becomes lower than the esophagus.

And so gravity turns in your favor.

Anthony Starpoli, gastroenterologist and professor

Assistant at New York Medical College. Note: It is Sunnah to sleep on the right side, so it is increasingly better to sleep on a light stomach.

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